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How to Be a Responsible Car Owner

It takes more than a reliable vehicle to be safe on the road. Smart driving practices also play a major role. With that in mind, here are five tips for becoming a responsible car owner:

Drive carefully

You can admit it. There are times as a driver when you fail to abide by traffic laws. Whether it's going over the speed limit or failing to use a turn signal, nobody can claim they're the model driver all the time.

Consider this your reminder to drive with caution. Accelerate and brake slowly, especially with winter storms just around the corner. By consistently driving carefully, you put less stress on your vehicle's mechanical components and, of course, reduce the risk of accidents.

Avoid emotional driving

Getting behind the wheel of a car when upset or tired is a recipe for disaster. Keep in mind that tired drivers usually have slower response times while emotional drivers are prone to road rage. It's okay to pull over or stay put until you feel 100 percent again.

Pay attention to your tires

We briefly explained the importance of tires in “5 Winter Auto Maintenance Tips.” Ideally, you should check your tires for wear once a month and before and after road trips. Even if it seems like an inconvenience, avoid driving on over-inflated and under-inflated tires.

These quick, simple checks help ensure safe driving with no flat tires or blow-outs.

Follow the recommended maintenance schedule for your vehicle

Wondering what service your car or truck needs at the moment? Don't make the mistake of assuming every vehicle requires an oil change or tire rotation once it reaches certain mileage. Instead, find the owner's manual for your make and model.

It should contain information on mileage checkpoints for important procedures. Going by the owner's manual keeps your vehicle running at peak performance for the long haul. This will also save you, the driver, from dealing with stressful and expensive repairs.

Leave auto maintenance to the professionals

You might know the basics of DIY car maintenance. Frankly, though, unless you're an experienced mechanic, we recommend trusting an automotive service center for car care. But with so many shops in Boulder, how do you really know who to trust?

The Shop Automotive is proud to be your one-stop shop for vehicle maintenance. Unlike the other guys who nickel and dime customers without even giving them the time of day, The Shop Automotive emphasizes hard work, quality service, and transparency. We offer a 36-month, 36,000-mile warranty on most repairs and we install the absolute best OEM or OEM parts.

Not Your Average Automotive Service Center

You shouldn't have to worry about getting ripped off when having your vehicle serviced. At The Shop Automotive, we make it a point to walk you through multiple options depending on your budget. Never will our technicians try to sell you on something your car or truck doesn't need.

The Shop Automotive continues to set the new standard for car care. Call us now to ask about the following: