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Colorado Sprinter and 4x4

Colorado Sprinter and 4x4, in partnership with The Shop Automotive LLC, offers maintenance, repair, and modifications specific to Mercedes Sprinter and 4x4 applications. Whether you are looking for a repair facility capable of handling full service of your custom Sprinter, or looking for design and customization for the overland crawler of your dreams, we have you covered.

Located in the High Rockies? Click here for information about our mobile Sprinter maintenance and repair service.

We offer mobile service, recovery, and drive away service to the great state of Colorado. Our main shop operates out of Boulder, Colorado and is fully equipped to handle whatever you or your vehicle can throw at us (figuratively).

Why Choose Us?

Finding the right shop for your Sprinter or specialty 4x4 isn’t easy. That’s why we offer recovery and drive away service to all of Colorado. Call for a quote and schedule now.

We operate by appointment only. Typical lead time for a consultation is 1-4 weeks, varying seasonally.

After scheduling, all communications operate on a single point of contact system. Vehicles are dispatched directly to a Master Technician and your tech will be your single point of contact throughout the repair process.

For highway legal vehicles, a drive away service is available. For a fee, we will arrange to meet with you where the vehicle is located and our driver will deliver your vehicle to The Shop for repairs. Call for a quote and schedule now.

For extensively modified, off road only vehicles, or disabled vehicles, a recovery service is available. For a fee, we will arrange to pick up your vehicle and transport it to The Shop for repairs. Call for a quote and schedule now.

Mobile repair is offered for the Mercedes Sprinter only and is primarily used to address regular scheduled maintenance such as the “Service A” or “Service B”.

Some diagnostic capability is available, although repairs outside of normal maintenance sometimes require specialized parts and tooling that are not feasible to be stocked on the service truck and therefore are not offered. Repairs beyond basic maintenance will likely need to be done via drive away service at our central repair shop. Accommodations can be made under special consideration if authorized by the service technician.

Here are examples of some repairs that can be done in a mobile environment.

  • Engine oil change
  • Fuel filter replacement
  • DEF top-off
  • Engine air filter and cabin filter replacement
  • Transmission fluid and filter replacement
  • Differential service
  • 4x4 service
  • Brake pads and rotors replacement

The best location to perform a mobile repair is usually in an enclosed garage, although not always necessary. Before scheduling a mobile repair, please verify that the following conditions are met.

  • The vehicle is on private property
  • The area where service is to be done is flat (within 5 degrees of slope)
  • During times of inclement weather the area is enclosed and climate controlled
  • The ground surface is paved and free of snow and dirt
  • There is at least 6 feet of open space around the circumference of the vehicle

When scheduling, a deposit will be taken for the “trip fee” and “setup fee” required for every visit. The trip fee is calculated based on drive time from our Dillon, CO office. The setup fee is a flat fee that covers reservation of the service truck and technician for your time slot. Drive times and availability are variable according to weather and traffic conditions. Missed appointments are not eligible for refund.

Of course if all of this sounds crazy to you, feel free to take a road trip and visit us in person at our Boulder, Colorado location. We’ll by happy to show you our favorite local trails and the best camping in the Boulder area. We have friends from all over the state, and we look forward to meeting you as well!

If you have any questions, please call. We would be happy to answer them and look forward to taking care of all of your Sprinter service and repair needs.