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5 Winter Auto Maintenance Tips

As we write this blog post, Boulder is getting its first snow of the season. That means colder temperatures and potentially dangerous driving conditions are just around the corner. Now is the time to get your car or truck winter-ready.

Here are five auto maintenance tips that could keep you from being stranded in the cold or getting into an accident:

Pay attention to the battery

Car batteries and frigid temperatures aren't a great combination. If you can't remember the last time you replaced the battery, then your vehicle could probably use a new one. At The Shop Automotive, our technicians can easily test your current battery if needed.

One more thing worth mentioning here: Figure out how to jump-start a car just in case you find yourself stranded this winter. The last thing you want to do is put your safety at risk while waiting for a tow.

Replace wiper blades

Even the best-performing wiper blades must be replaced at some point. If you're starting to notice streaks or missed areas of glass when the vehicle's blades are on, then head to the nearest auto service center. Installation is pretty straightforward if you choose to do it yourself.

Maybe you're wondering why wiper blades are essential for winter. Well, imagine driving through a blizzard and being unable to see through your windshield because of poor-performing blades. Again, rather than risk your safety and the safety of other drivers, stop by a local automotive service center for help.

Clear the windows

This is of similar importance to replacing the wiper blades. If you can't see out the windows, you're a danger to everyone on the road, including you and your passengers. So give yourself extra time in the morning and use an ice scraper.

Running low on windshield-washer? Then pick up a gallon or two the next time you're running errands. There should be a winter-blend washer solution available that contains an antifreeze agent.

Get an oil change

Were you under the assumption that cold weather had no impact on your vehicle's engine? Think again. Motor oil thickens when cold, making it more of a challenge for the engine to turn over.

So if your car or truck is overdue for an oil change, schedule service at some point these next few weeks. Doing so also allows your mechanic to catch any minor issues before they snowball into major problems. Contact the engine auto maintenance team at The Shop Automotive today.

Get new tires

This might be the most obvious one. Do you really want to chance spinning out in a storm and causing a huge accident? Winter-grade tires can seriously be a life-saver this time of year.

At The Shop Automotive, we are always working to get the best prices on tires. So don't let cost get in the way of keeping you and your passengers safe this winter.

A Dependable Auto Service Center Near Me

Customer satisfaction is always the No. 1 priority at The Shop Automotive. You can count on our technicians to get your car or truck prepared for the upcoming winter season. Contact us today to schedule service.