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Just What Does A Transmission Do?

As a vehicle owner, you've heard it time and time again.

You know that the transmission is a vital component of your car — but you just don't know what it actually is or does.

You're not alone. While gearheads all know about the importance of a vehicle's transmission, the average car owner likely knows next to nothing about this component.

That's what we're here for. In this blog, our Boulder auto shop will take you through everything you need to know about your vehicle's transmission — from what it is, to where it is, to what it does, to where you can turn for reliable transmission maintenance and repair in Boulder.

Keep reading to learn more and visit The Shop Automotive today for all things transmission and auto repair.

What Is A Transmission?

In outer space, a transmission often refers to a communication between the astronauts and the folks on the ground.

That's not at all what a vehicle transmission is.

When it comes to your auto transmission, it is the component which essentially makes sure that your vehicle has the proper amount of power to drive at a certain speed.

To put it in even simpler terms, it is the critical component that allows your car to switch gears.

Now, the transmission can be engaged manually (using a clutch and a stick-shift) or automatically (does the job for you). It really just depends on the make of the vehicle and the preference of the driver.

In an automatic vehicle, for instance, the transmission has the ability to sense when you are accelerating your vehicle, thus requiring a higher gear. The transmission will allocate more power (and/or torque) to the necessary systems to ensure this gear shift and acceleration is possible.

In order to perform this function, the transmission requires fluid. A lack of transmission fluid (or old transmission fluid) is a common problem with many vehicles that leads to repairs.

How Often Does Transmission Fluid Need Changed?

Like oil, transmission fluid should be changed on a regular basis — though again it varies from manufacturer to manufacturer and vehicle to vehicle.

A common rule of thumb is to change your vehicle's transmission fluid as you see fit — such as, if you are noticing that your shifting isn't as smooth as it should be, or if you perform a simple check and notice that your fluid levels are low or dirty.

You can easily check your vehicle's transmission fluid by popping the hood and removing the dipstick (be sure that it's not the oil dipstick). Your fluid should be clearish-red and not marred by dirt or grime.

Transmission Repairs

What happens if you notice your vehicle isn't shifting properly, or if you notice leaking transmission fluid, or a faulty clutch?

In that case, you likely need a transmission repair. When it comes to local transmission repair, our Boulder auto shop has you covered with the best service and attention.

Our highly skilled and certified auto repair technicians are knowledgeable in just about every make and model imaginable, foreign or domestic.

Swing by our Boulder auto shop or make an appointment online today to learn more about transmission repairs and other maintenance tips.