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Just Got a Tax Refund? Use It On Your Car!

Here's an unfortunate truth: often times, car owners neglect routine maintenance and repairs required by their primary mode of transportation.

This happens all too frequently, largely because vehicle owners are scared off by the price of some repairs and preventative maintenance solutions. Who has that kind of money just laying around in this economy, anyway?

Well, boy do we have an auto maintenance tip for you today: use your tax refund!

Instead of splurging on a new TV or a trip, spend your refund on something that you actually need. Whether it's an oil change, brake replacement, or a new transmission, that surplus in cash can be well spent when you elect to provide some long-overdue TLC to your vehicle.

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How Should I Spend My Tax Refund?

Like we said above, it's an all too common occurrence these days. People neglect their cars and routine repairs because it's too expensive or it's simply not convenient.

This unfortunately leads to much bigger problems — and much higher repair costs — in the long run. In order to avoid these problems, take full advantage of this year's tax refund and drive safer.

Here are a few auto maintenance tips for using your tax refund.

New Brakes

There are many, many variables which factor into how often you should replace your car's brakes. From the make and model to the age of the vehicle, to how often and where you drive. But regardless of these variables, it's important to stick with your manufacturer's recommendation and have your brakes replaced at regular intervals.

This is particularly true if you hear squeaks, squeals, or a cringe-worthy grinding noise. What better opportunity than tax season to splurge and make your vehicle safer and more sound?

AC Repair

Tax season is also a pretty good indication that spring has sprung. With it comes the sun, and soon behind will be those toasty Boulder summer days.

Another way to spend your tax money is by finally getting your car's air conditioning repaired. That cool breeze will come in handy during the summertime, and it's also a good way to gear up your vehicle for the spring.

Engine Auto Maintenance

Maybe the maintenance and/or repairs required by your vehicle aren't that drastic. Maybe you just need something simple, like an oil change or a new oil filter.

Well, having some extra cash as a result of your tax refund can be a great motivational tool to get that done. Stop neglecting your vehicle's engine auto maintenance because it seems too costly.

The fact of the matter is, proper car maintenance can make all the difference between spending thousands on repairs (or a new car) and having a reliable automobile for years to come.

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