When it comes to performance, four wheel drive is something you always want to be able to count on.

But what happens when there’s a problem with your shifting, suspension, or steering abilities? It can cause your vehicle to slip, slide, and swerve, for starters. It can also render your vehicle downright undriveable.

At The Shop Automotive in Boulder, our local auto repair experts are well-equipped to handle any number of four wheel drive diagnostics and repairs.

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What Is Four Wheel Drive?

Four wheel drive is a critical component for vehicles of many makes and models. Typically, four wheel drive is found in performance or sport vehicles because of its propensity to deliver higher power, maneuverability, and smoother handling.

Not to mention, four wheel drive vehicles have the ability to withstand a lot of bumps in the road, so to speak, without the need for repairs.

However, four wheel drive is also commonly found in midsize to large sedans, trucks, and SUVs. If you find that your chassis or suspension is experiencing issues that make your vehicle handling a problem, then chances are it can be traced back to your 4WD system.

Local Four Wheel Drive Repair

When it comes to auto repair in Boulder, The Shop Automotive is the place to be. Whether it’s a Volkswagen or an Audi, a Lexus or a Ford, our licensed and certified auto repair technicians have the ability to fix it.

Our team has logged thousands of hours of training for every European, Asian, and domestic vehicle, which means we are well qualified to handle your four wheel drive diagnostics and repairs.

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